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Feel the Difference: Bringing Comfort and Sustainability Home

Maximize cost saving and minimize emissions with Dalrada’s Residential Heat Pumps.


Dalrada HOME’s cutting-edge sustainability solutions are designed specifically for residential purposes. Our home heat pumps help us lead the way in providing innovative climate technology products and services.

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Ground Zero for Home Heat Pumps

Our mission is to drive sustainability through whole-home electrification that reduces energy consumption, minimizes carbon footprints, and provides lower energy costs.

Excellence in Engineering

Excellence in Engineering

State-of-the-art design and engineering providing cutting-edge technology that solves climate challenges through advanced decarbonizing solutions.

Maximizing Cost Savings

Maximizing Cost Savings

Our clients can save thousands of dollars every year through less energy usage and earning incentives like tax credits, rebates, carbon credits, and more.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Sustainable technology that supports global Net Zero initiatives by reducing carbon emissions while increasing overall energy efficiency.

Finally, a True Residential Solution

Dalrada Heat Pumps for Home Use

With high-performance capabilities at the forefront of our designs, Dalrada Home heat pumps boast lower global warming potential (GWP) through energy-saving technology and feature a modern, stylish appearance.

What do you know about Heat Pumps?

Sustainability Starts at Home.

Innovative climate technology for home use.

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