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Advisory Board

The advisory board of Dalrada HOME unites top talents from the energy and sustainability sectors, each bringing unique expertise from diverse business domains such as energy technology, renewable energy, and global branding to enrich the Dalrada HOME team.

Rowland Hanson

Rowland Hanson, CEO of The HMC Company, is renowned for his transformative impact across Fortune 500 corporations and emerging ventures. With a proven track record in crafting successful global branding strategies for global giants like Microsoft and Neutrogena, he brings invaluable insight to the Dalrada Home Advisory Board. Hanson’s deep understanding of brand development and strategic planning, coupled with his passion for sustainable development and clean energy, uniquely position him to bring sustainable home products to market.

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Ted Reguly

Ted Reguly is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in the utility energy sector, particularly in renewable and sustainability energy. Holding various senior management positions with San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) and Sempra U.S. Gas and Power, Reguly has demonstratable expertise in portfolio and project management, renewables operations, growth strategy, and technology integration. He has directed large-scale capital projects and has directed growth initiatives in non-traditional utility areas such as energy storage and microgrids. Reguly 's expertise and leadership make him a valuable addition to the Dalrada Home Advisory Board.

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Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in development, conservation, renewable energy, and consulting. As a key figure of The Robertson Company, he spearheads sustainability projects across the Western United States and has also co-founded and managed multiple renewable energy projects in Hawaii and California. He is actively engaged in related nonprofit activities, serving on boards and committees dedicated to architecture, conservation, and sustainability. Robertson’s unique expertise makes him a valuable addition to the Dalrada Home Advisory Board, aligning with its mission of delivering sustainable home solutions.

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