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R290 DC Inverter Heat Pumps



  • High-Safety Performance
  • Modern, Stylish Appearance
  • Energy-Saving Technology
  • Noise-Reduction Technology
  • Lower GWP (Global Warming Potential)

Five Working Modes

  • Central Hot Water
  • Central Cooling
  • Whole-House Heating
  • Hot Water + House Cooling
  • Hot Water + House Heating

Energy-Saving Capabilities


With global warming potential (GWP) as low as 3.3, the R290 A+++ energy consumption makes it possible to consume less energy, helping households reduce their energy bills and consume different amounts of energy for different needs, making it more energy efficient than other heat pumps.



The integration of an “SG-Ready” (Smart-Grid-Ready) heat pump is an advanced form of sector coupling of electricity and heat, often called “Power-to-Heat” application. The control ensures that the heat pump slightly overheats the thermal storage at times when PV surplus electricity is available, in order to save electrical energy at times when there is no inexpensive surplus electricity available.


Max. Outlet Water 75°C (167°F):

By combining eco-friendly R290 natural refrigerant and inverter heating technology, the new heat pump is able to operate from -25°C (-13°F) to 45°C (113°F), maintaining high COP and reliable stability. More importantly, its maximum outlet water temperature reaches 75°C (167°F) without electric heating.


Residential Heat Pumps control system

Special Features

Integrated Control

Multiple heat pumps can be connected in series and controlled by a single controller.

Wi-Fi Online/Control

Connect via Wi-Fi and control the system using an app.

Smart Touchscreen

Stylish and user-friendly with a responsive interface.

Intelligent Defrosting

Automatically defrosts when necessary, saving energy.


Provides hot water, cooling, and heating functions with a one-button switch.

Day & Night Modes

Allows for low operation and low noise in night mode for a more comfortable environment.

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