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Ian F Robertson

Ian F. Robertson

Ian F. Robertson is a multifaceted professional with extensive experience in development, conservation, renewable energy, and consulting. As a key figure at The Robertson Company, he spearheads sustainable projects across the Western United States, focusing on development and conservation initiatives. His portfolio includes notable projects such as riparian restoration along the Big Wood River in Blaine County, Idaho, and wastewater reuse efforts in Malibu, California.

Mr. Robertson ‘s commitment to preservation and conservation is evident in his work on vast expanses of land such as Bel Mar in Malibu, Onyx Ranch in Tehachapi, and Vail Lake in Riverside County, California. He is also involved in planning endeavors like the Diamond Valley Reservoir and Molokai Ranch in Hawaii.

Additionally, Mr. Robertson co-founded and manages Na Makani Moa E Ku LLC and Kohala Renewables LLC, driving renewable energy projects in Hawaii and California, particularly in wind power development.

With a rich background in real estate, he has led significant acquisitions and developments, including Sundance Homes of Illinois and Sundance Homes of California Inc. His expertise extends to banking and finance, showcased through his roles at Cambridge Financial California LLC and Southern California Savings and Loan.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Robertson is actively engaged in nonprofit activities, serving on various boards and committees dedicated to architecture, conservation, and sustainability. He also contributes to pedagogical initiatives, sharing his knowledge through seminars and discussion groups.

Mr. Robertson holds certifications in LEED, permaculture design, and biointensive minifarming, reflecting his commitment to environmentally conscious practices and sustainable development.

Mr. Robertson ‘s expertise in development, conservation, and renewable energy makes him a valuable addition to the Advisory Board for Dalrada Home, aligning with their mission for sustainable home solutions.